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Cash Register

English POS Software

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  • Specification
  1. Powerful POS functions ,easy to learn, even for beginners.

  2. User friendly, easy to use

  3. Can check PLU, hold order, withdraw order, add member, RFID member card payment, member discount, PLU discount, edit PLU price, etc.

  4. Support touch screen and keyboard order, choose your own comfortable way to work efficiently, to avoid customers waiting long time in line or even customers loss; 

  5. Abundant functions and setting interface.

  6. Provide detailed sales data, including selected time, transaction detail, gross profit, etc. Its easy and clear multi reports can offer you an reference for making decisions of your store.

  7. User friendly back office, your store management assistant.

  8. Provide you with a better promotion management to attract more customers and maintain clients.

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